There is such a huge emphasis in society & on social media on becoming physically stronger and being skinny. 

What if you could find a program that allowed you the freedom to explore and define what is strong to you. 

What if you could do this through a supportive, community alongside others with the help of coach… a mediator between your self-limiting beliefs & your Rockstar self?

Being 1 year away from 50 and a full head of grey hair in today's society can make you feel old... or EMPOWERED.  It is up to you to determine the path you want to take.  You have the power to change the direction you're going at any age.  Life out loud, take amazing treks and adventures, write that best selling book.  

Let me help you uncover your life's passion and purpose... Giving you the support and the guts to be your true authentic self! 


Big Changes Program Details



Uncover your goals through an Intuitive Coaching program where you'll be given room to grow through accountability coaching check ins and sessions.  ​There will be meet ups to help build the support your needing to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  If you are an online client, your support base will grow through our online connections.

Onsite fitness classes are an option and at home workouts provide for those that prefer the privacy of their own home.  If you are choosing to add the fitness option, there is an option to submit workout goals, goal weight & endurance testing.

You'll receive 3 weekly sessions / month, goal setting, accountability coaching & support.

GROUP (onsite) or PRIVATE (onsite &/or online) sessions are available and pricing will differ.

Online is a 3 month Commitment:

Fitness with Group Onsite: $140/mo

Online Coaching: $222/mo includes fitness

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