Groups & Gatherings

AA / NA Support Group & Gathering

  • Every Friday Evening. 

  • Meet up at 5:30pm

  • In Studio B, adjacent to TFW Firehouse Fit Okc

Monthly Book Club


  • Meet up once a week

  • Cost: $25 / month.  Cost is for refreshments & supplies to host the event. 

  • Book of the Month will be announced 2 weeks prior

  • Some book groups will be closed off once it starts.

  • Some book groups will have an age limit.

The Artist Way Creative Cluster

  • 1st Cluster will begin April 2019

  • Add your name to the mailing list to reserve your seat or let us know you're interested.

  • Creative Cluster is a 14 week program.

  • Meet up once a week

  • Cost: $200.  Cost listed includes expenses to host the weekly meet up (refreshments & snacks), the workbooks (The Morning Pages & The Artist Way) and final week celebration of completion

  • Payment in full at time of enrollment of program.  If you purchase your own books, cost of program is $175.  Must have books prior to orientation.

Maximizing Your Life

The Chakra Program

A two system program divided by the Chakras (Energy Centers) within the body

and the outside of the physical body. 


Pt 1: The Physical Body:

Seven Week Course of Study.  90mins. 

Cost Options: $125/p, $210/for 2p or $20/class/p

  • Learn about the Energy Centers within the body.

  • Understand the first through 7th Chakras.

  • How each chakra works & what clogs / congests those centers.

  • Take an in-depth look at how our bodily systems are affected and the effects of those system on our body, our relationships, feelings of worth and characteristics.

  • Create a vision board giving providing you a visual aide as you work towards balancing your Chakra system.

  • Bring a notebook & pen for note taking. 

Take what you know about Chakras to another level.  If you took the The Physical Body Chakra 7 Week Course above, you don't want to miss out on taking the knowledge you have further.

Pt2: The Energetic & Ether Body

Five Week Course / 1hr 45mins in length.

Cost Options: $150/p, $225/for 2p or $40/class/p  

  • Understand the 8th - 12th Chakras (below us and above us)

  • Learn about the Energy Centers outside of our bodies 

  • Understand the Chakras, Energy Centers, outside and around our bodies.

  • Learn the benefits of these Energy Centers.

  • Learn how to unclog these centers allowing you to access the full benefits of your abilities.

  • Add to or create a vision board giving yourself a visual aide

  • Delve Deeper into the intricacies of balancing each Chakra.

  • Group will learn how to assist others in learning which chakra(s) have been off balanced.

  • Each class will begin with a Chakra cleansing & chakra blessing meditation.

  • Bring a notebook & pen for note taking.