For centuries around the world, people have been using alternative methods & practices to cultivate a healthier body & life.

Integral Yoga

Certified teacher of Integral YOGA, a traditional form of yoga under the teachings of Yogiraj Sri Swami Satchidananda whose western notability stems from his opening of the Woodstock festival in 1969. This practice includes more than just the physical practice. You'll experience the power of the OM chant, setting a Sankalpa (an intention for yourself), Deep Relaxation & Meditation.  Completing my Yoga Teachers Training both here in Oklahoma & abroad in Coimbatore, India at the Institute of Integral Yoga.

Yoga Nidra

Certified in the complex practice of YOGA NIDRA, the Yogic Sleep.  This specialized practice allows the student to move through their physical, emotional & energetic body to the center of who they are... finding deep relaxation & calm.  During this specific class, you will enter the Deep Relaxation state of the Theta brainwave with my guidance.  Yoga Nidra is similar, but different than Guided Meditation.  Some classes & sessions will be focused on cultivating happiness,& creativity, the process of "Letting Go" & deep physical relaxation.

Learn about the many different holistic modalities that I offer.  I have been around the world, studying with masters in their craft in search for ways to live the most

EMPOWERED life available to me.

Trauma / Tension Releasing

Being able to help those in high stress lifestyles, such as first responders, using the above modalities in combination with this technique has allowed myself to help many. 


This practice allows a person to reset their bodies by releasing traumatic tensions stored within the muscles and tissues. It's always highly recommended to have someone skilled in this form of practice to be present when helping you to reset the body & mind.  

Energetic Re-Alignment

Being an intuitive has allowed me to sculpt a practice that helps others let go of things that would normally hold them back and move (at their pace) in the direction they need or want. 


As an Energetic Re-Alignment Teacher, I've learned to cultivate positive forms of energy (Chi), to help tap into living a purposeful life. Through years of Energy Work, I am able to help others help release & realign their body through the process of energetic entrainment, Energy Realignment, easing the tensions of the mind.  Read Client Testimonies.

"You can choose COURAGE or you can choose comfort.  You cannot have both."

- Brene Brown

Big Changes Life Coaching

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, IIN Graduate


Want to change your life?

  • Know your purpose.

Want to change the trajectory your on?

  • Create goals aligned with your purpose

  • then a plan of action aligned to your goals

You're life should look like a sequence of stars aligning in a beautiful constellation against the night's sky.  Nothing should stay the same.  Everything should be shifting.  But when you step back and view your life it should be in awe of how beautiful & peaceful it's becoming.

Each week, I'll help you with Goals, Action Planning, Obstacles and work on Self Limiting Beliefs.  By the end you will have a clearer vision of where you want to be and a plan of how to get there.  

We will outline a PLAN OF ACTION.  Uncover "Your Why" and align your life with a your BIGGER PURPOSE.  I'm here to not only help you & support you... But hold you accountable to reaching each step in your plan of action. This is total mind shift that will not only change your current perspective on life, but have your body transforming too.  

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