special event

Manifesting Your Future

Saturday, Dec 29th   

8:30am  - 10:45/11am

$20 / person

In this special session, I will you share with you... 


  1. Unearth the power to change your current state.

  2. What is a coherent heart & why the power of gratitude is essential to change.

  3. The Power of Intention Setting

  4. Manifestation with the use of symbols.

  5. Meditation Technique to create 
    the day you want (encompassing 1-4)

  6. Surya Namaskar: a powerful sequence that acts as a general tonic to your body.  Reducing anxiety & increasing the "flow" of creativity.

You'll learn to align these modalities into a beneficial & useful, daily practice. 

Choose to stay for the full session or stay for select sections only.  Flow of the sessions are as listed above.



Yoga Nidra (the yogic sleep) Special Session "Opening the Flow"

(never done before in my classes)


Bring a notebook & pen for simple notes and prepare to elevate yourself, your vibration and your life through

the power of "Self".   Come early or stay after and enjoy herbal tea.

Experience the power of cultivated chi... 


Spinal Realignment

11am , 8 - 10 spots, 10 - 15 mins/person.

$10 / person

This will begin at the end of the Special Session for a limited time.